Photographed by Laura Polmear in Piedmont Park

Hi! My name is Amanda.

I am a Makeup Artist, Blogger and the Owner/Founder of Lace Cosmetics.  As an Atlanta native I have developed a deep love for the city I live in and the people who share it.  I grew up in the "burbs" where I fell into my career at the tender age of 16.  Working in a cosmetics store, I was taught application, color theory and how to work with and cater to women of all ages and ethnicity.  I thought that working with makeup would be fun and that I could just play all day.  Well guess what.  It was, I did, and nothing has changed.   Eighteen years later, I am an award winning makeup artist, owner of an incredible makeup brand and I continue to learn and stay current with products, trends, techniques and mediums.  I love what I do and look forward to making the world a more beautiful place.  


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